Attendance: I expect regular, weekly attendance at all scheduled lessons.  Please think of your lesson time as your weekly commitment and do not schedule other appointments during this time.  If you cannot make your scheduled time you need to be able to tell me 1 week in advance or it is considered a missed lesson that needs to be paid. *Please note this is a new policy.
This is a full studio. Please understand rescheduling is very difficult and will not be available most of the time. 
*Emergency situations are clearly understandable, but please talk to me and let me know as early as you can if you need to cancel. If I need to cancel to pick Sienna up from school, I’d like to honor that and understand certain circumstances come up.


Practice: Careful daily practice and listening are the most important things you can do to make lessons and practicing fun! Parents are integral to the success of Suzuki instruction and are asked to help out with daily home practicing.


Make-Up Policy: No credit will be given for missed lessons unless you have told me a week in advance.  No make up lessons will be given for “no show” missed lessons.  In the event that I have to miss a lesson, I will reschedule at a mutually convenient time.


Inclement Weather and Illness: In case of snow days, as long as roads are clear by the afternoon I will hold lessons as normal.  If roads are impassable and schools are cancelled you may call me to try and do a make up lesson later in the week. I certainly don’t want anyone driving out in un-safe weather.  If your child is extremely ill and stayed home from school please do not bring them.