When I was five my parents took me to hear Beethoven’s 9th symphony in Vienna, Austria. Remembering things at the age of 5 is difficult but I will never forget watching the violin section during that concert. I was mesmerized with the flow of the bow and the beautiful sound.  I can even visualize where we sat and my perfect view of the violin section. After the concert I remember telling them I wanted to play violin, and I remember going out for ice cream. These are the only memories I have of that entire trip.

25 years later I am a full time Suzuki violin teacher with a full studio in Winooski, Vermont.  I am grateful to be working closely with my childhood violin teachers who continue to be my mentors and largest supporters. To work with them and share a similar goal of spreading music to children throughout Vermont is a blissful job.

I began private and group Suzuki lessons with Pam Reit at the age of six. I participated in All State and New England Music festivals and spent many memorable summers away playing music and meeting musicians.  I got to play the first orchestral version of “Guyute” with Trey Anastasio from Phish when I was in the 9th grade with the Vermont Youth Orchestra.  As a junior I attended Idyllwild Arts Academy, a boarding school in California where I focused on performance violin.

After being accepted to the University of Vermont, I expressed interest in teaching the violin. I started my first job teaching after-school violin lessons to Richmond Elementary and completely fell in love.  The idea of working with  young children completely thrilled me and I knew I was destined to become a Suzuki violin teacher.

In 2007 I moved across the country to attend Denver University to pursue Suzuki Education. I studied violin with James Maurer, while receiving my teaching certifications in Suzuki books 1-8.  The music program was so fantastic I joined the DU orchestra and played violin and viola in their chamber music programs. After I finished my program, I began working on building a teaching studio while being a nanny in Denver. After a year I realized the best decision I could make would be to move back home to Vermont and teach along side my childhood violin teachers.

Luckily for me, it truly was the best decision I ever made as I moved home into a duplex where my future husband lived on the other side.  In August 2014 we celebrated the birth of our first daughter.

Besides private lessons, I teach group classes and chamber music with the Vermont Suzuki Violin Organization. I play in the pit orchestra for Lyric Theater musicals in Burlington, and play with the Burlington Chamber Orchestra. Most recently, I accepted the position as Director of the Burlington School Department’s String Program which offers violin classes to all 4/5th graders at a low cost. I am also a freelance musician. In 2010 my lifetime dream of playing violin on stage with my favorite band Guster came true and I performed 3 songs with them. That experience itself has continuously reminded me to pass on the famous words of Dr. Suzuki to all my students. “When love is deep, much can be accomplished.”

When I’m not being a musician you can find me with my family, at a yoga class, taking pictures and traveling.